Frequently Asked Questions

For every account (company), you can set up a full administration team. This starts with a group admin (super Admin), you can add one or multiple employees from HR and Finance departments as well as senior management. Each department has specific roles and functions they can perform.

Role Based Access Control is an established security and governance framework using by businesses with different departments that collaborate together to perform different functions. It means that each user role (e.g Payroll Officer, Finance Manager) is allowed a specific level of access and visibility that is necessary for them to perform their function. Information that is not relevant to this user’s function(s) are by default not available. 

Absolutely, every account (company) requires one Super Admin at minimum. A super admin can grant and/or revoke access of other administrative users from different functions. A company can have more than one Super Admin (recommended).

We take data security very seriously. Our systems are built with multiple layers of security in place. starting from strong firewalls that protect the infrastructure, to strong data encryption policy both at rest and in transit, besides a strict information security and privacy policies.

Definitely NOT. Your employee records including names, dates, salaries, gratuities etc are fully encrypted and redacted from FinFlx employees at all times. The only information that FinFlx will request are related to the business itself. Specifically, the identity of control person(s) and Ultimate Beneficial Owner(s). This information is required for compliance purpose as per UAE Central Bank rules and regulations.