The Most Flexible Workplace Savings Plan In The UAE

Earn 4% interest on all your idle cash with no minimum deposit, no lockup period, and no monthly account charges. You simply get all the benefits without restrictions. Flexible Saving Plans Employers Employees Flexible Saving Plans Employers Employees

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Powerful Savings For Smart Businesses

Manage your company’s cashflow more efficiently by utilizing the high interest rate of up to 4% while maintaining full liquidity of your funds. With no minimum deposit amounts or restrictions on withdrawals.

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Higher Yield

Earn 4% interest on all your cash savings. Put your idle cash to work without being locked up in fixed deposit schemes.

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More Flexibility

Enjoy the freedom of making deposits and withdrawals per your business needs with no restrictive minimums or exit penalties.

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Fully Regulated

All deposits are segregated in a custodial client money account and under the supervision of the Financial Services Regulatory Authority.

Put Your Cash To Work

Higher returns, no restrictions

Earn the highest interest rate on your workplace savings without compromising on liquidity. We built a plan that puts no limitation on how much you earn regardless of deposit amounts.

flexible workplace savings plan

Flexible Enough For SME Needs

Your cash, your rules

Tired of locking up your cash in a low rate deposit schemes? Now you can deposit and withdraw whenever you want to meet your business needs.

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Prepare For Future Liabilities

Manage risk, sustain growth

Build up your cash reserves to meet any future liabilities without affecting your monthly cashflow. Plan ahead for license renewal, gratuity liability or insurance premiums. Flexible gratuity

Worried about your gratuity liability?

Find out how much you owe your employees today, in 3 months or a year from now!

Launch Powerful Employee Benefits

One app for your team

Give your employee access to a comprehensive financial wellbeing program with all the financial tools they need in a single app sponsored by you. FinFlx Mobile App Website

What our clients say

Hear it from progressive employers who partnered with FinFlx to launch employee financial wellbeing programs.

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